20 Halloween costumes for girls: the most scary, beautiful images

Original and unusual costumes that are selected for Halloween, must necessarily comply with fashion trends. For girls, the choice of such outfits is almost unlimited, so it is possible to get lost in a wide range of carnival clothes.

Costumed parties are popular in many countries, and the Halloween holiday allows not only to have fun, but also to surprise others with its unusual appearance. For example, pumpkin outfit is among the traditional and popular.

The vampire outfit is still incredibly stylish and quite modern in Halloween.

The bright costume of the Devil will not allow to remain on a holiday without attention from representatives of an opposite sex.

Using a short dark dress, pantyhose, a hat and high-heeled shoes, you can create an image of a seductive witch.

One of the most winning images among girls has long been the original costume of the dead bride.

The nuns are the personification of charity, but it is the unusual costume of such a character at a Halloween party that looks very impressive.

The image of the Gorgon Medusa is very organic. It can be independently supplemented with stylish attributes for a holiday.

Seductive mummy fits perfectly into the format of almost any costume party.

"School girl zombie" at a costume party will be most welcome, despite the apparent simplicity.

The Siren's costume is represented by a dress with a print in the shape of a skeleton and arm ruffles with classic fins.

The non-aging, still popular classics of carnival costumes are the clothes in the style of a crazy nurse.

The winning costume is a death with a scythe, which is simple enough, but quite relevant for Halloween.

The dress, made based on the feature film "Edward Scissorhands", is most often chosen by shocking girls.

No less stylish looks costume that is ideal for fans of the movie "Scream".

Pirate costume "Spirit of the seas" will make the image of a girl mysterious.

Fans of the movie "Friday the 13th" suit suit girlfriend Jason.

And those who were rooting for Kruger while watching the film “Freddy vs. Jason” will surely like the outfit of the girlfriend of a maniac from dreams.

Openwork fabric sewn to a short black dress will make a pretty bat out of an ordinary girl.

Since the release of the film "Suicide Squad" among girls has become a popular image of Harley Quinn.

An unusual, but effective Halloween image - a ninja girl.

Girls can easily create Halloween costumes on their own. It is enough to use torn clothing, a large amount of artificial blood and dirt, as well as makeup or mask. However, only a well-designed outfit will make the holiday bright, fun and memorable.