Irina Allegrova sued the widow of the builder 14 million rubles

The singer was claiming money for a house that was never built.

The other day, singer Irina Allegrova was lucky enough to win a lawsuit that has been under review for 4 years. In 2014, Allegrova invested in the construction of a large house in the territory of New Moscow in the amount of 10 million rubles. The businessman who took away the money, for a long time pulled the house under construction, and the singer was about to return the money, but then the man died.

By inheritance, the debts went to the wife of the deceased, but the woman simply did not know where to get the money - the accounts she got were empty. Now the widow’s property has been arrested - a large country house and one non-residential facility. It is planned that the amount from the sale of real estate will be returned to Allegrova.