Harley Quinn and Penny became the most popular Halloween characters

Compiled rating of the most popular costumes for Halloween.

On the eve of the popular American holiday Halloween, the American edition ranked the most sought-after costumes. The popularity of certain images usually depends on what films or cartoons were interesting to the public this year. So, apparently, the absolute favorite among female characters was the character Harley Quinn performed by actress Margot Robbie. For the second year in a row, girls all over the world dress up in it for a "terrible holiday."

The leader of the male rating was the clown Penny from the movie "Ono." The adaptation of last year has become so successful that the image of a clown is exploited to this day. And considering that next year the continuation of the film will be released, then, most likely, in Pennyvayza will dress up and Helluin 2019.