Scandinavian style - warm, fashionable, yours!

There are things without which winter becomes inferior, and it is almost impossible to catch the festive mood. The leaders of the winter mastov-khevov New Year's playlist, hot mulled wine and a sweater with deer. But if the choice of music and drinks is very much dependent on personal preferences, then almost everyone loves ornamental sweaters. Do they need a women's wardrobe this winter?

Snowflakes, deer, geometric patterns, natural materials are all distinctive features of the Scandinavian style of dress. In recent years, he has become incredibly popular and conquered fashionistas around the world. Historians believe that it was founded by King Gustav III in the 18th century. And our usual appearance was formed somewhere in the 30s.

Scandinavian style - what is it? If you need to describe it in a few words, it will be: conciseness, simplicity, comfort, national flavor. This style was formed in a harsh climate, and many features are due to their practicality. What is especially nice, considering the weather in Russia in winter and autumn. Clothes in the Scandinavian style created to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time!

Not paid attention to such a hot topic and the home of high fashion. Scandinavian motifs can be seen in the new collections of Dolce & Gabbana and other famous designers. And the images of ancient Scandinavia have long become a favorite topic of photo shoots both among fashion magazines and among cosplay fans.

The most popular representatives of the Scandinavian style are knitted sweaters, cardigans and dresses. Thanks to bright and unusual national patterns, they look interesting and cozy. Soft, comfortable, they are ideal for everyday life in the city and outdoor recreation. Creating a fashionable look with them is very easy, because sweaters are perfectly combined with jeans, pants and even skirts. But it is worth remembering that they are already a bright accent, and other things are better to choose neutral.

Pair of sweaters - a great option for lovers!

Scandinavian style outerwear is characterized by natural materials. For example, sheepskin coats or coats, fur vests. Boots are ideal for shoes or uggs. If in your wardrobe there are leggings - feel free to use! Wool or fur, they will be a great addition! Knitted sets will help to keep your hands and head warm. Scarves and hats with a Norwegian pattern will create a real winter mood.

Scandinavian style - democratic and festive. Everyone will find in it something of their own. Have you already found?