Why take Aevit: testimony and feedback on the effectiveness

Vitamin deficiencies in the body can cause mild health problems, as well as cause the development of dangerous pathologies. To prevent this, it is recommended to use special formulations, one of which is Aevit. Sometimes he is credited with truly miraculous properties. From the instructions for use it is easy to find out why Aevit is accepted, but the range of problems that he solves is somewhat broader than in the above documentation.

What is Aevit, in what forms is it produced and how much does it cost

The most popular form is oil capsules.

Aevit is a combination drug that is a multivitamin complex that has an immunostimulating and antioxidant effect.

The effectiveness of the tool is provided by the properties of vitamins A and E in its composition:

  1. Retinol palmitate regulates the course of protein and carbohydrate, as well as fat metabolism. It is important for maintaining the functioning of reproductive organs, as well as for the formation of visual pigments that help to see at dusk and ensure a normal perception of colors. Retinol strengthens the immune system, helps restore the body after infections, prevents the development of cancer.
  2. Alpha-tocopherol acetate provides a powerful antioxidant effect, normalizes metabolism, is involved in the production of proteins. It ensures the stability of red blood cells, and prevents their destruction. The normal level of vitamin E is important for carrying pregnancy, prevention of muscular dystrophy. Used in the complex treatment of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, it ensures the normal functioning of the myocardium, restores healthy blood flow velocity.

Course reception Aevita allows you to:

  • normalize the balance of vitamins A and E;
  • restore the functionality of small vessels;
  • normalize metabolism;
  • improve tissue nutrition.

The drug is available in two dosage forms:

  1. In the form of gelatin capsules, with a transparent shell and oily contents of a dark or light amber shade. They are intended for ingestion. Each contains 100,000 IU of vitamin A, as well as 0.1 g of vitamin E. Packages with 10, 20, or 30 capsules are on sale. The average price in online pharmacies is 28 rubles. for 10 capsules, 56 rubles. for 20 and 100 rubles. for 30 pieces. Such Aevit is sold without a prescription.
  2. In the form of an oil solution for intramuscular injection. It is enclosed in glass ampoules, 1 ml each, which are packaged in cardboard boxes, 10 pcs. You can buy Aevit for injection only by prescription, but in pharmacies, for example, Moscow, it is not for sale.

Indications for use

Aevit is more often prescribed to women, since a lack of vitamins is more reflected in their appearance.

The drug is used in cases where the lack of vitamins A and E due to malnutrition or when these elements coming from food are absorbed in a small volume. This happens:

  • after surgery on the digestive tract organs, including after their partial removal;
  • in diseases of the digestive organs of various origins;
  • after prolonged stress and in other cases.

Aevit is a drug, so its use should be coordinated with your doctor.

Contraindications and special instructions

The drug is not allowed to children under 14 years old, as well as people with hypersensitivity to its components. With a long course, as well as large doses, exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis and cholecystitis is not excluded.

You can not take Aevit with other vitamin complexes, as it is dangerous the development of hypervitaminosis. Those who decide to drink or pierce it, without consulting their doctor, should be aware that the drug contains a volume of vitamins, which is optimal for treatment, but too large for prevention.

Instructions for use

It is better to coordinate reception of an aevita with the dermatologist or the therapist

Capsules swallow without chewing and drink water. You can take them at any time, regardless of the meal. Standard dosage - 1 pc. in a day. The course is from one to one and a half months, depending on the evidence. In consultation with the doctor, the treatment can be repeated after 3-6 months.

With severe avitaminosis, as well as in other cases, the daily dose can be increased to 3 capsules, while reducing the duration of the reception.

Aevita oil solution for injection is administered intramuscularly, 1 time a day, 1 ml course up to 40 days. The duration of the course in each case is determined by the doctor.

How to use women for skin beauty

Aevit is popular with cosmetologists. It is used to rejuvenate and rejuvenate the skin, as:

  • Vitamin E normalizes the production of sex hormones, which immediately affects the condition of the skin - it becomes taut, fresh and healthy;
  • vitamin A triggers a cell renewal mechanism. Thanks to him, you can remove dryness and peeling, reduce inflammation, get rid of acne and small wrinkles.

Aevit for skin is recommended in cases of:

  • acne, acne and comedones;
  • hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands;
  • seborrhea;
  • age fading of the skin;
  • treatment of dermatitis or psoriasis as an additional means.

It is prescribed first inside by 1 capsule per day in a course of 3-4 weeks, then topically.

In light cases, there is enough external use.

Exterior use should be started only after an allergy test.

Aevit applied to the face:

  1. In pure form. To do this, once a day, preferably in the evening, open the gelatin capsule and apply its contents on the cleaned surface of the face, including the area around the eyes. Leave until morning, then rinse with warm water. For the onset of the effect requires from 10 to 40 procedures.
    The composition is recommended for getting rid of acne. With abundant rashes, combine the external use of Aevita with the intake of capsules inside with the observance of the standard dosage and course. To prevent relapse, the treatment is repeated every six months. To remove single acne, you can limit the external use.
  2. With cream. Mix the contents of the capsule with a small amount of nutrient composition, apply in the evening on the face and rinse in the morning. The number of procedures is not limited, as they are carried out for the purpose of prevention, not treatment. This method is recommended for smoothing fine wrinkles. To eliminate crow's feet and other similar defects of the skin around the eyes, apply pure Aevit.
  3. As one of the components of the mask. In any composition for skin rejuvenation, add 4 drops of Aevita, mix and apply on face without rubbing, but after 20 minutes. wash off. If you do this 1-2 times a week, the skin will become fresh and elastic.

You should first check the body for the likelihood of an allergic reaction - apply the composition to the skin of the inner surface of the elbow and leave overnight. If by the morning there is no redness in this area, everything is in order.

What is useful for hair

There are creams with aevit in the composition, but more often it is an advertising move rather than really effective formulations.

With the help of vitamins A and E, you can accelerate hair growth, improve their appearance and quality, stop loss. The maximum effect comes from the internal and local application of Aevita at the same time, but in most cases external measures are sufficient.

Vitamin complex is used in pure form or as an additive to masks and shampoos:

  1. The contents of one capsule of Aevita are rubbed in the evening with the hairy part of the scalp, and in the morning they are washed off with shampoo. The procedure is recommended 7 days in a row or twice a week, in a course of one and a half months.
  2. To saturate the vitamins of masks, balms and other hair care products, the contents of the capsule are injected in as many, for example, shampoo, as required for a single use. It is possible to look after hair in such a way constantly.

How to use for nails

Vitamin deficiency affects the condition of the nails. When the changes are threatening, it is better to coordinate therapy with a beautician. In such cases, it is usually combined with taking Aevita capsules with the processing of nail plates.

The oil solution of vitamins A and E is mixed with olive oil (1: 1), and then rubbed into the nails. You can add Aevit in creams and masks designed to care for this area of ​​the hands, not forgetting to treat the cuticle area with composition.

Reviews on the effectiveness of means based on this tool

For two months that seemed endless to me, I lived in my most terrible nightmare - my hair fell out. I always had them in excellent condition - the hairdressers said that they were very thick, despite my constant dyeing. And then ... I ran a hand through my hair and counted the dropped hairs: from 8 to 15.

In the pharmacy, I bought the most common "Aevit" and ascorbic acid. The effect manifested itself in a week - I was still afraid to touch my hair once again, but the losses were much less.



Aevit in itself is an insidious drug in terms of the fact that there is a very high concentration of these vitamins, not for nothing that it is contraindicated in pregnancy. But to be honest, I drank them for 2 months, one tablet per day and was very pleased with the result!



I will not say that I eat poorly, but this happens, due to employment, rarely and on the run. I myself feel that I am not getting the body of some vitamins. This drug was prescribed to me by a doctor, since began to torment "zadyy". According to the analysis, everything is fine, but the problem began with the skin and lips.

I cut exactly 2 packs, I didn’t see the effect at first, but the jams went off in 15 days, in other cases, as usual, without treatment. But they did not appear again, even though a considerable amount of time had passed. Additionally, the result is visible on the skin, it has become fresher.



I saw aevit because of problems with gynecology. Saw for two weeks, during this time, got rid of acne (pores narrowed, not a single pimple, the skin is clean-scaly). As soon as she took a break, acne was flooded as usual.

Anna Sanna


Analogues of Aevita and drugs based on it

The drug, similar in composition and action, is Aekaps. As for other multivitamin preparations, which are sometimes positioned as Aevit's analogues, they differ in the list of components of the composition, as well as in the amount of vitamins A and E. This means that require increased dosage. Given that in the "analogues" of many other inclusions, it is unsafe.

When vitamins do not help or are harmful

  • Despite the usefulness of Aevita, it should be understood that he is not a panacea. The drug will not help, for example, to preserve hair, improve the condition of the skin and nails, if the disorders are caused by any diseases, including genetic ones. In such cases, you must first undergo diagnosis and treatment, and at the stage of recovery, use Aevit as an aid.
  • The drug may be harmful if taken in the first trimester of pregnancy. Such therapy increases the likelihood of abnormal fetal development. Later, Aevit is allowed, but he is appointed solely for medical reasons.
  • Taking capsules, as well as injections of this drug, are dangerous in cases where there are severe pathologies of internal organs with a significant violation of their functions. In order not to put yourself at risk, you should follow the recommendations of the doctor.

Vitamin complex Aevit can be bought easily and not expensively. It helps to restore a healthy balance of vitamins A and E, as well as eliminate the conditions caused by their deficiency. To maximize the benefits, you should consult with your doctor before starting a course reception Aevita or replace it with analogues.