Ani Lorak decided to divorce?

The star's statement about the divorce from her husband mysteriously disappeared from the court.

Divorce Ani Lorak is overgrown with new mysterious details. Only recently, domestic media reported that Ani filed for divorce with her husband, Murat Nalchadzhioglu. Rumors about his betrayal of the singer went since the summer, but Lorac preferred not to comment on her husband’s hobbies. But after filing a petition for divorce, fans decided that the star would no longer try to reanimate the marriage.

But after a couple of days, a new information appeared - the meeting about the star divorce, scheduled for the end of December, was suddenly canceled. Moreover, the application for divorce is no longer in the register of court documents. Insiders claim that the lawyers of the star and her former spouse decided to conclude an amicable settlement and not to meet in court, and fans doubt - perhaps, Ani again decided to forgive her husband.