Maine-kun Rodion Gazmanov: royal grandeur and chic!

Over time, people try to get more and more unique pets. Someone tends to unusual for keeping the house animals, someone to the classic cats and dogs. As you can see with the help of a selection of photos, Rodion Gazmanov was able to select both options simultaneously.

Sheldon - the name of a cat living with Rodion for more than one year. Start a pet Gazmanov Jr. for quite a long time persuading a friend, after which the artist decided that he needed a cat. The couple visited the exhibition, studied the information about different cats and concluded that their choice will stop on a rare breed of mei-kun.

Now Sheldon is about 6 years old, and at his age he already weighs 7 kilograms. It is difficult not to overfeed such cats, as representatives of the breed are quite voracious and do not always know the measure. Maine-coons are not too socialized, and, unlike most cats, they rarely violate human space: do not stick to people and do not ask for their hands.

Despite the fact that the representatives of this breed are introverts rather than extroverts, Sheldon treats people quite loyally and misses the owner, the time of which, like any other artist, is written in minutes. Rodion says that their relationship with the cat is mutually respectful and he never allows himself to invade the personal space of his friend without his desire.

One summer, Gazmanov decided to cut the cat to give it a new image and save it from the heat. The idea turned out to be unsuccessful - for a long time Sheldon took offense at the owner, hid and embarrassed his new unusual look.

But over time, the cat's insult passed and Sheldon forgave the owner. Contrary to the solitude and freedom, the Maine Coon Gazmanov loves to be photographed with his master, posing for the camera like a real model.

The funny fact is that Rodion's cat likes listening to music, and in the singer's instagram you can see his photos with headphones. On the musical preferences of your pet Gazmanov does not apply.

Although Sheldon, whose name was borrowed from the protagonist of the popular television series The Big Bang Theory, is already quite an adult, it still continues to grow and now hardly fits in the hands of its owner.

Although members of the Maine Coon breed are very capricious and freedom-loving animals, Sheldon has become an excellent friend for his master. Their union is an example for those who are thinking about how to get a cat of this very rare breed.