Ariana Grande did a bad tattoo

New tattoo 25-year-old Ariana Grande pretty surprised fans.

The singer decided to fill the inscription on the palm in Japanese with the name of the new album, but it didn’t work out very well. The procedure was so painful that Ariana decided to skip some of the symbols when applying the tattoo. But the girl didn’t take into account that each hieroglyph has a certain meaning, and the meaning of the phrase can change. So it happened.

Instead of "seven rings" on the palm there was an inscription "barbecue grill".

But the singer decided to translate everything into a joke and the next day went to the tattoo parlor to correct the inscription. That's just the second attempt turned into failure. The added symbol did not correct the situation, but aggravated it.

In the case of hieroglyphs, their location is of great importance. The symbol was not where it should be. And now the inscription means "barbecue finger of fire".

It is not known whether Ariana Grande will visit the salon for the third time to correct the error or leave it at that.