The scandalous details of the marriage of Lazareva and Schatz were revealed

Despite the fact that the official divorce between Tatyana Lazareva and Mikhail Schatz did not happen, the couple have been living separately for two years. While Mikhail is working in Moscow, Tatiana is mastering gardening and raising a common 11-year-old daughter in Spain.

In various interviews, the TV presenter has always emphasized that the relocation is her personal decision, and there are no problems in their marriage. But the other day there was other information.

The network distributed data source, who claims that Schatz for a long time mocked his wife - told her that she was unwell and could not work and communicate with her friends, he offered to emigrate to Spain. In addition, Michael constantly cheated on Lazareva, as all their mutual friends knew. Also, according to some sources, the husband limited Tatyana in finance - he sends his wife about 1,500 euros a month.