Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have bought a luxury mansion

Future spouses got real estate.

Jennifer Lopez and her new friend, baseball player Alex Rodriguez, are planning to legalize relationships in the near future. In the meantime, lovers have decided to get a joint property in Malibu.

The three-storey mansion went to a couple at a discount, as the seller was already desperate to find buyers and decided to lower the price.

The property is located on the beach, so lovers can enjoy the surf, relaxing on the terrace.

Another advantage was the location of the mansion. It is located in the suburbs, so curious tourists and fans will not be able to prevent enjoy the rest. In walking distance there is everything you need - shops and cafes.

The mansion also has everything for a comfortable life - this is a cozy courtyard, and a spacious wardrobe, and a jacuzzi, and even a sauna.

Of course, this is not the only real estate singer.

Lopez and Rodriguez have been together for two years. After failures in his personal life, the baseball player became an ideal partner for Jennifer. They have a lot in common from the outlook on life and ending with a joint diet.