Child of the sun: an unusual model of Nikiya Phoenix with a million freckles!

Many people believe that freckles are found only among owners of fair skin and red hair, but they are mistaken.

An American girl named Nikia Phoenix differs from almost all of her model business colleagues. Natural dark hair, dark skin and freckles, which littered almost the entire body of the girl, became her calling card and a pass to the world of fashion shows, filming and talented people.

A rather unusual type of young Nikiya was noticed by one of the employees of Alternative Apparel, which sews fashionable clothes. It happened in one of the small cafes in Los Angeles, where Phoenix went for a cup of coffee, which turned out to be momentous and turned the life of a simple girl from Georgia.

Although Nikia’s unique appearance cannot be called a disease or ailment, in childhood, as is usually the case, the girl was still not spared the problems with her peers, who humiliated and teased her in every way. Fortunately for the modeling business and the Phoenix itself, this did not affect the girl in any way and she feels comfortable on the set, happily talking to people and posing in front of the cameras.

Now Nikia’s career is going uphill - the model is the main face of Target and Coca-Cola, and in addition to work, Phoenix is ​​also engaged in entrepreneurship, has a blog and a podcast.

Thus, the story of Nikiya is an excellent example of how the simplest thing, for example, a cup of coffee, can change a person's life with an extraordinary appearance and make him the face of popular brands.