Lomonosov was Mashkova's mistress

The actress spoke frankly about her connection with a married colleague.

The other day, actress Olga Lomonosova frankly answered journalists' questions about how her career began. Surprise for all fans of Olga was the news that she decided to become an actress after not long staying as Vladimir Mashkov's mistress.

In the past, the actress lived in Kiev and built a career as a ballet dancer. On the eve of her business trip to Europe, friends introduced the girl to Mashkov. A passionate romance broke out, because of which Olga refused to go abroad. But the actor was married at that time, and their connection was broken after only a week. Lomonosova went home to her parents, and when she returned from Vladimir's warmth, there was not a trace left. However, during the time that the girl spent in theatrical environment, she managed to fall in love with the profession, and decided to engage in acting.