The girl in the body of an old woman: the story of the model Sarah Gyurts

Girls who look at us from the covers of fashion magazines can often surprise with their appearance - modern standards of beauty have long since gone from the classics that most people are used to.

But a model named Sarah Gürts, born in 1991, is not only surprising, but rather shocking in her appearance.

At the age of ten, Sarah was diagnosed with a rare disease called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. The owners of this disease have practically suspended the production of collagen, due to which the skin loses its elasticity and looks pretty old.

All her youth, Gürts spent in the fight with his body, trying to somehow affect the aging of the skin, but all the attempts of the girl were in vain. Only by the age of 23, the model was able to come to terms with its fate and accept itself as it has become.

Like many other people with unique features of appearance, Sarah hated her illness, considering it a curse. But later, along with the awareness of the incorrigibility of the situation, came the love of self. Now Gyurts sure that her skin - a feature bestowed on fate.

“Every flaw that you possess is the subject of your individuality. He tells a story about what you have experienced, about your struggle,” the model says.

Sarah considers her mission in life to change the public vision of beauty. The model is confident that every person meets those who will be dissatisfied with his appearance. “You are not like everyone else. And people around you do not know how to react to those who are different from them. Humble. And just send them to hell,” advises Gürts.

And it seems that Gurts herself is doing great - self-confidence and courage helped the girl to gain more than 75 thousand subscribers on the Instagram social network. In her publications, Sarah does not hesitate to appear in overt dresses and swimsuits, openly showing the world her unique appearance.

Even being the owner of such a terrible skin disease, the model did not give up and was able to turn its lack of dignity, which today is admired by dozens of thousands of people.