Rodrigo Alves continues to improve his appearance

Live Ken changed his mind to participate in a music contest.

Rodrigo Alves recovered after the last unsuccessful plastics, recorded a song, and now shoots a clip on it. On the stage, he must look perfect, so the man decided to continue working on his appearance.

On the new photo Rodrigo appeared with extended eyelashes. Since Ken was accustomed to doing everything in a living manner, he chose the longest artificial beams.

Of course, such beauty looks doubtful, but the main thing is that the man himself like it.

It is worth noting that this is the most harmless intervention in appearance. Alves will be able to get rid of his long eyelashes at any time, unlike many plastic surgeries to which he has repeatedly resorted in his life.

Previously, Rodrigo justified the campaign to surgeons and cosmetologists by the fact that he was preparing for the victory at Eurovision. But recently changed my mind. This year he will not participate in the competition. Why he made this decision is unknown.

But Ken did not leave the dream of a live singing career. He takes vocal lessons from a professional teacher, who, by the way, is pleased with the success of his ward.