10 stars, which pregnancy is definitely not to face

It is believed that pregnancy paints a girl, but that's not all so rosy. And even Hollywood celebrities, being in an interesting position, sometimes look just awful and untidy. The photos below prove that pregnancy is not the easiest time in the life of every woman, but constant hormonal disruptions, toxicosis and weight gain significantly affect the appearance of stars.

Kim Kardashian

Already inclined to corpulence, Kim Kardashian, during pregnancy, gained a lot of weight, and instead of hiding her extra pounds in the right way, she preferred to wear her balaclava clothes.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears in an interesting position looked extremely untidy and unattractive. In addition, the singer still used a bright make-up that emphasized the puffiness of the face, and combined wardrobe items absolutely tasteless.


Incredibly stylish and sexy in everyday life, singer Fergie during pregnancy suffered terrible puffiness. And even the right makeup could not hide her plump face. The singer also did not always choose the right dresses for the red tracks, therefore, attending the ceremony in an interesting position, she looked like a donut.

Jennifer garner

Ben Affleck's frail wife, Jennifer Garner, failed to maintain his slim figure during the pregnancies. She found herself in a position three times, and each time she rapidly gained weight, which became harder to lose. Also during pregnancy, Jennifer wore the wrong clothes, emphasizing her shortcomings.

Jessica Alba

The mother of three children, Jessica Alba was not easy to look neat and stylish throughout all three pregnancies. The celebrity didn’t worry too much about her appearance, preferring an ordinary bun to her stylish styling, and a sleeveless T-shirt to flying dresses.

Kylie jenner

Very young Kylie Jenner during her pregnancy, like her older sister, recovered by a decent amount of kilograms. But since Kylie was absolutely not worried about her own appearance, from time to time she looked much older than her famous relative.

Kirsten dunst

Kirsten Dunst during pregnancy did not worry about her image at all. Judging by the neglected appearance and unkempt hairstyle, this period of life was given to celebrities is not easy.

Mila Kunis

Pregnant Mila Kunis also made a bid for comfort, so now everywhere you can find her photos in a sloppy form.


Already become legendary singer Adele during pregnancy looked very bad. Full by nature, the performer gained 20 kilograms, which she could not hide under multi-layered clothing.

Rachel bilson

Rachel Bilson, like many of the aforementioned celebrities, during pregnancy refused to make-up, which could save her swollen face. And the star preferred sweatpants and T-shirts to stylish looks at this time.

Not only simple girls, but celebrities during this amazing and difficult pores of their life look extremely unattractive. Therefore, do not worry, the main thing is to take care of your own health and comfort.